Frequently Asked Questions 


How do I contact you? 

Visit the Contact page, or email me directly at

**Due to the high volume of inquiries received on a regular basis through multiple social media accounts, I simply cannot guarantee that I can get to all of them. I can't promise a reply to any questions posted on Facebook or Instagram, although I do my best. The only true way to make sure I get your message is to email me.**


How do I book an appointment?

For all tattoo inquiries please feel free to consult with me at Hart & Huntington. Otherwise please email me directly at

Please be sure to include:
+ your full name and phone number
+ the budget for your tattoo
+ a detailed description of the tattoo you would like. This must include the estimated size (in inches), where it will be placed, and whether it will be done in black & grey or color. If your potential tattoo is a cover up please include pictures of the tattoo you would like to have covered and how old the original tattoo is.
+ reference photos
+ any times and specific dates of availability you have


How much do you charge?

There are many factors to determine the price of a tattoo. They are typically charged by the piece and based on size, detail, and placement.

For the most accurate price quote on a tattoo, I will need to see you in person to assess the project. If you are unavailable for an in-person consultation due to distance or other restrictions, please email me directly at


Where are you located and What are your hours?

I am currently located at Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co:
Universal CityWalk
6000 Universal Blvd. #745A
Orlando, FL. 32819

(407) 373-0718

Monday 2pm-12pm
Friday 12pm-10pm
Saturday 12pm-12am
Sunday 12pm-10pm


What kinds of tattoos do you offer?

I would say my style most embodies illustrative and neotraditional tattooing. I use bright colors with black lines, or black and grey with black lines. I also enjoy black line work and blackwork (such as henna/mandala/geometric tattoos). I love doing anything Disney, Pixar, Harry Potter, Studio Ghibli, spaceships/aliens, flowers/cacti/succulents. Although these things are what I enjoy, I am happy to offer most tattoo requests.


Are you going to a convention close to me?

To stay up-to-date with convention dates and info, please visit the Conventions + Travel page.


Do you do commisioned art pieces?

I am now accepting requests for commissioned art pieces! For requests or info, please email me directly at